Jenny Arndt


As a human being, mama, therapist, coach, educator and perpetual student of interesting things – Jenny is always searching for opportunities to connect with magic, beauty and fellow travellers.

When Qi Gong tumbled into her life 18 years ago she knew she had discovered something remarkable. Since 1998 it has been a full-blown love affair and the centre of her life. Her practice has taught her how to move through life with vitality, steadiness and a sense of peace that is always present. Combined with a long-standing relationship and exploration of meditation – Jenny’s mission is to make these practices accessible to everyone and connect others with their own ability to create a sense of peace and centre for themselves.

Jenny teaches meditation and Qi Gong to people from 2-100 years of age and believes that peace of mind is within reach for anyone at any stage of life.

A mama to two wild and funny little boys she is also a storyteller, wound-healer, emotional stabilizer, clown, nurse, food scientist and love ninja.