Miao Zhang


Miao was first introduced to yoga 9 years ago at a local gym in China and has loved it ever since.

While studying at Brock, she was surprised by the destressing effect yoga brought her. It helped her through a busy and competitive accounting program. Aside from this, she was also a member of Brock Dance and had enjoyed both yoga and dance in her leisure time. When MYSC first opened, she was so excited to try yoga in the heat and also to join the community. Seeing the awesomeness of both, she decided to become a Moksha teacher. Although it is a great shift in career for her she has been so grateful that Moksha gave her the opportunity. The studio has become her second home ever since.

When you meet Miao one of the first things she’ll teach you is how to say her name. It’s ‘meow’. Yep, she’s a cool cat.

Miao teaches the following at MYStC – Moksha, Moksha in Mandarin, Moksha Flow, Yang Yin, S & U and Yoga Tune UpĀ®