Odetta Lorimer


A broken foot to a hairdresser of 19 years is a life changing event. The injury was long lasting and the recovery even longer. Suffering from muscle tension and physical misalignments, Odetta’s search for therapy and healing began.

She found Moksha Yoga St. Catharines in 2012 through searching the city for a studio that would welcome her and allow her to work slowly through her injury. During months of Yoga and massages she happened upon a Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner in Costa Rica that changed her world. Relaxing and allowing her tight contracted muscles to be stretched and moved, offered such deep release that she was hooked. Desiring to offer this therapy to others suffering with ongoing issues of muscle tension that causes physical misalignments, she got to work. Since, Odetta has studied and practiced and has received her Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner’s Certification. Yoga, and Thai Yoga Massage has taught her the art of releasing the body to move freely and without pain. She is grateful to Moksha Yoga St. Catharines for welcoming her through the door of healing and has become a full time member since January 2015.

Odetta plays the role of Studio Manager at MYStC, she’s here to help welcome you and ensure that you get the most out of your visits with us. Her personal experiences and her dedicated practice welcome inquiry from those who are new to this lifestyle to those who have already spent some time on their mat.

You can reach her at odetta@mokshayogastcatharines.com.

Odetta joined the MYStC team in 2015.