Tracy Duru


Owner | Director | TeacherMoksha, Moksha 2, Moksha Flow, Yin, Yang Yin, S & U

When you meet Tracy she’ll offer you a smile to warm your heart and lighten your day.  She loves what she does and you can tell.  She shines.

She started this journey in 2008 at Moksha Yoga Halifax on the beautiful east coast. From her very first class she knew that this was a practice and a community that she would share with the world. Tracy committed to a regular practice in Halifax and started to reap the benefits of hot yoga in her life. First student, then energy exchange, that’s right she traded her time for free yoga, then teacher, and now this, Moksha Yoga St. Catharines! Tracy sees very clearly now that what she puts out into the world is what will come back into her life.  She is committed to give in abundance, share love and be peace. She is so happy to bring Moksha Yoga to the Niagara region.

Tracy completed her level 1 Moksha training in July 2009, level 2 Moksha training in November 2010 and Baron Baptiste level 1 teacher training bootcamp in June 2010. She has attended many workshops with teachers like Ryan Leier, Dina Tsouluhas, Coeli Marsh and Hart Lazer. Tracy has so much love and gratitude for the teachers who have challenged her to live her best life.