What People Are Saying

Irene I had heard that hot yoga was amazing and wanted to experience that. The studio is warm and welcoming and the people are so so lovely. My body loves the hot room! It helped me so much with flexibility and easing body pain and it feels amazing! Moksha has helped me with flexibility and body health. It has introduced me to being aware of my breath and slowing down. It has helped me get over injury in my body and in my mind. I know that if I am feeling anything.... the hot room is where I want to go. Irene

upcoming Events

  • Moksha Yoga

    A challenging, healthy all-level hot yoga sequence.

  • Moksha Flow

    A challenging, healthy, hot yoga FLOW sequence with the emphasis on linking movement with breath.

  • Moksha + Yin

    This class is all about balance.

  • Moksha Level 2

    The regular Moksha series acts as a frame for the class, and more advanced postures and sequences give the class a challenging and dynamic flavour.

  • Moksha Breakdown

    An informative 90 minutes to take a closer look at the key postures of the Moksha series.

  • Stretch and Unwind

    A blissful candlelit experience, a great chance to slow down, breath deep and relax.

  • Power Flow

    Strong warrior postures and plank postures are often a key part of this class. Some yoga experience is recommended.

  • Qi Gong

    On the most basic level Qi Gong is the study of energy

  • Moksha Fit

    Whether you’re a beginner or high-intensity athlete, Moksha Fit is designed to suit and adapt to all levels.

  • Yoga Tune Up®

    An effective practice with pain relief methods using yoga therapy balls.

  • Fit Body Boot Camp

    The goal of Fit Body Boot Camp is to provide a full body workout that builds strength and endurance.

  • Gentle Hatha

    Stretch, breathe and refocus on your mat.

  • Restorative Yoga

    A quiet, meditative, restorative practice in Studio B

  • Karma Classes

    A reduced-fee Moksha class. All proceeds support not-for-profit organizations.

  • Wunderkids ::: calm is a superpower

    These classes will teach your child tools to release stress, manage difficult emotions (anger, frustration, worry, fear, anxiety) learn to focus, practice self-regulation and resolve conflict creatively

  • Private Classes

    Available in studio or offsite.