What You’ll Need

Don’t worry – we were nervous our first time too!
reclined twist in hot room
Helpful tips to set you up for a great first experience with us:

  • bring a refillable water bottle – we have filter water for you to drink
  • bring a yoga mat, yoga towel(that fits theĀ length of the mat), shower towel – All items are also available for rent – $2 each
  • wear yoga/athletic clothing you are comfortable getting really sweaty in
  • we provide complimentary natural and environmentally friendly peppermint soap in our showers, avoid using any other scents while in the studio
  • try not to eat a heavy meal 2 – 3 hours before practicing, you want to be nourished but not full
  • ARRIVE WELL HYDRATED, avoid coffee before practice
  • sign our Paperless Waiver online before you arrive
  • arrive 15 – 20 minutes before your first class(late comers are not permitted into class), we will greet you at the front desk and show you around
  • turn your cell phone on silent or airplane mode when you arrive, keep your cell phone in your bag and refrain from using them in the change rooms
  • start off with our Intro Offer – its the best way to experience the benefits of a regular practice
  • be willing to have some fun and enjoy yourself:)

If you’re attending a class in Studio B(our non heated room) also consider the following:

  • bring everything we mentioned above
  • bring a extra layer for the beginning of your class as the room is kept cool